• FIAL has researched the impact of the Cluster Programme in Europe.
    FIAL has researched the impact of the Cluster Programme in Europe.

Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) has announced a 'cluster program' aimed at helping businesses align with public agencies and other institutions.

Spearheaded by FIAL's Food and Agribusiness Industry Growth Centre, the Cluster Programme will benefit from matched funding which supports the formation of new clusters, or existing ones, to solve challenges and take advantage of new market opportunities.

FIAL chairman Peter Schutz travelled to Europe last year to learn first-hand about clusters, which have been successful there.

"For me, it’s about changing our mindset and realising that the world is our oyster if we work together," he said. 

"The commercial and social benefits of clustering are evident throughout other parts of the world, [so] let’s embrace these learnings, let’s adapt them to our context, and let’s zoom out and focus on the world.

"Our competition is overseas, not in our neighbour[hood].

"I believe the program can help clusters develop world-leading platforms for long-term, sustainable growth.”

Schutz said clustering accelerated economic activity, productivity, innovative product development, and new business formation.

The Cluster Programme will be launched across Australia this month.