Irish-born celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge has signed on as the new face of the Di Bella coffee brand in Australia.

The My Kitchen Rules judge, restaurateur and television host said he was pleased to work with such a well recognised brand.

“The fact that Di Bella places so much value on the farmers it works with and actually spends time at their farms, sourcing the best quality green coffee beans from around the world is impressive,” he said.

Di Bella founder Phil Di Bella says Fassnidge's passion to select the best quality produce, including sourcing the best quality coffee beans, and meeting with the farmers aligned closely with Di Bella’s philosophy.

“In 2019, we are entering the next phase at Di Bella and have some exciting things planned for the year ahead. Having an ambassador such as Colin Fassnidge, who is a well-recognised, highly awarded chef and restaurateur allows us the opportunity to work with him to showcase the quality of our coffee,” Di Bella said.