Devondale's new owner Saputo says it may relaunch Long Life Thickened Cream in response to a consumer outcry following its discontinuation.

The brand's former owner Murray Goulburn stopped making the cream after the factory in Tasmania where it was manufactured was closed.

Devondale's new owner Saputo now says it is assessing a potential reintroduction of its Long Life Thickened Cream product, thanks to massive consumer demand for the discontinued product.

“We are now working on replicating production capability at another site,” brand representatives have said on Devondale's Facebook page.

“This process will take some time, but our hope is that the product may be available again in retail later this year. Our new owner Saputo is willing to invest to support this.”

MG announced the discontinuation of the product in February, saying it was looking to simplify its product range, and that the decision was  based on a number of factors.

According to the latest announcement, Devondale team had been “surprised as well as delighted by the level of loyalty shown by consumers across Australia to our Devondale Long Life Cream product”.

“Consumers have taken to social media in huge numbers and contacted us directly to tell us about the special qualities of this product, including its ability to be whipped.

“Cooks and bakers of many different products and dishes have told us that it was a vital ingredient in their recipes.

“People living in and visiting remote areas have made clear that the product was as an essential staple of their kitchens,” Devondale representatives said.