• Photo by Mikesh Kaos on Unsplash.
    Photo by Mikesh Kaos on Unsplash.

Increases in coffee volumes in Australia of 3.5 per cent over the last 12 months are reflecting growth in the specialty coffee sector.

Single origin beans are commanding a premium, according to the just-released coffee index by digital hospitality platform Ordermentum.

Sales of coffee blends across January and February 2018 were five per cent lower relative to volume traded over the same time in 2017, but single-origin coffee commanded a 35 per cent average price premium per kilogram over coffee blends from a mix of countries.

Single-origin coffee is price-elastic, according to the company, with downward volume trends experienced at $39 per kg and upward trends experienced at $37 per kg.

Ordermentum also found volumes of coffee in general were down in July due to poorer wearer and large numbers of Australians travelling overseas.

A volume drop was seen at Christmas due to seasonal variations.

“The largest up-trend in volume was across the periods of May and June as cooler weather combined with no major holidays delivered consumption consistency,” Ordermentum reported.

In other data, the largest volume trading day of the week was Monday.

Ordermentum develops data for the grocery sector and manufacturers, and is anticipating a specialty bread index, milk index, and wider hospitality index later in 2018.