• Tia Maria has launched an international initiative called the ‘Tia Maria + Coffee Project.
    Tia Maria has launched an international initiative called the ‘Tia Maria + Coffee Project.

Coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria has launched an international initiative aimed at bringing together coffee culture and the cocktail hour called the ‘Tia Maria + Coffee Project’.

The Sydney launch, which took place at Welcome Dose Speciality Coffee in Rosebery, featured an on-site coffee roaster to emphasise a commitment to quality and to shed light on the bean-to-cup philosophy advocated by Welcome Dose’ co-owners, Kit Cheong and Michael Cookson.

Tia Maria has teamed up with local bespoke coffee roasters in each region that the project has been launched.

The move comes as coffee expands beyond the morning latte and into the evening cocktail occasion, and as cafe nightlife culture continues to evolve, artisan coffee houses are also staying open later.

The Tia Maria + Coffee Project gives consumers the opportunity to explore a diversity of coffee cocktails crafted by expert baristas and bartenders, according to Tia Maria brand ambassador, Matteo Fabbris.

“The bartender and the barista play a very similar role so it’s no surprise we’ve brought the two together to drive this new coffee revolution,” Fabbris said.

Flavio Lasalandra, international marketing director at Tia Maria, noted that consumers are more conscious of the quality and flavour of the coffee bean and the way it is processed to create the final product.

“The taste for coffee is at an all time high… and Tia Maria is certainly happy to leading the charge.”

The launch also showcased a new elegant bottle design featuring a contemporary twist on the well-known silhouette of the Tia Maria bottle.

Tia Maria’s heritage dates back to mid 17th century Jamaica, but the recipe was rediscovered in the 1950s by Dr Kenneth Leigh who began to produce and market the recipe.

Tia Maria is distributed in over 60 countries and is still made to the original Caribbean recipe, combining 100 per cent Arabica coffee with vanilla and Jamaican Rum.