The Chinese State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) has proposed five changes to the registration process of the country's infant formula milk powder, as it aims to boost product quality, scientific evidence and safe consumption.

The Administrative Measures for the Registration of Product Formulas of Infant Formula Milk Powder regulations were first introduced in 2016 and the SAMR is now seeking public consultation to the changes.

“There is a need to improve the means to a stricter registration process and clearly state the impermissible conditions,” the proposal said.

The five changes proposed include:

  1. Stricter registration criteria – approved applicants would need to “possess the entire production process” of the infant milk powder, as well as seven conditions as to whether an application is rejected, such as listed raw materials lack evidence in supporting safety behind the product.

  2. Heavier penalties for offenders – applicants blacklisted as an “enterprise with a serious breach of trust” will not be considered for product registration. Penalties would also apply to changes or renting out product registration certificates.

  3. Streamlining workflow – likely to also impact government administration bodies, and aims to simplify registration procedures, decentralise power and enhance supervision.

  4. Clearer job scope and timeline – outlining clearer job scopes, responsibilities and timelines for product inspection units.

  5. Change of department title – the deparment in charge of the product registration would change from China Food Drug Administration to the SAMR.

The changes follows the Chinese Government ministries joint action plan released in June to strengthen the domestic formula market, and is may have an impact on the recent supply deal between Chinese baby store chain Kidswant and Bubs Australia.

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