• The Brownes Dairy team at the launch in Brunswick, WA.
    The Brownes Dairy team at the launch in Brunswick, WA.

Brownes Dairy is bringing back traditional cheddar cheese to West Australian supermarkets for the first time in 14 years, and will be the only WA-based company developing the cheese from fresh, locally-sourced milk.

The company has invested in its Creamery in Brunswick in WA’s South West to make traditional cheddar from local milk. It will use old-style cheddaring techniques, such as long and slow maturation at low temperatures.

“Brownes Dairy has a rich history of making cheese, which dates back to the 1930s. We want to bring cheddar cheese back to WA because we know there is demand for it and we are keen to invest in WA dairy,” said Brownes Dairy CEO Tony Girgis.

“Consumers probably don’t think about their fresh cheese travelling across the nullabor, but until now that’s what has been happening. We are supporting the local dairy industry by introducing a family staple back into WA supermarkets.”

WA currently imports 15,000 tonnes of cheddar cheese a year, and total cheese imports into the state amounts to about 50,000 tonnes of cheese annually.

Brownes Dairy said that while there are other cheddar brands in WA, “none actually make the cheddar cheese in WA, using completely locally-sourced milk”.

The new range will include a mature cheddar cheese aged for 12 months, as well as a vintage heritage reserve cheddar, aged between 24-36 months.

It will be available online through Brownes Dairy’s Milko delivery service and in supermarkets across WA from 24 August.

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