Consultancy firm BMA Group is hosting a webinar on managing costs in times of uncertainty on 28 May.

BMA said to manage costs in periods of disruption and uncertainty, like the current pandemic, it is important to access real-time costing data. “Successfully navigating volatility and its impacts on your supply chain, whilst maximising profits, is about using that data to make agile and sound decisions,” it said.

Given many manufactures are experiencing huge changes in production volumes and mix, as well as the fluctuations in commodity prices, the questions finance and supply chain leaders need to answer, and model are:

  • What are our new raw material requirements to meet customer demands? How does this impact costs and profits?
  • How are volume and mix changes affecting the capacity of your manufacturing facilities? Whichfactories/plants, machines, resources are at capacity, over-capacity or idle?
  • Are we accepting orders we should not or passing on orders we should accept?
  • What are the impacts on transportation and freight costs and how does that affect our sourcing decisions?

Supply chains, markets and demands are changing so rapidly, this has never been more so for producers. As a finance partner, if we cannot quickly model the effects of outside factors on the business, to make better, rapid decisions, then we are simply not doing our part, it said.

Webinar: Cost to Serve and knowing your true supply chain costs in times of uncertainty

Date: Thursday, 28 May 2020

Time: 12pm– 1.30pm 


  • The state of the industry presently.
  • Current challenges for CFOs - is your team able to confidently answer the onslaught of new questions from the board and business?
  • Real-time scenarios and cost and profitability modelling of F&B companies, their current challenges, the opportunities and solutions.
  • What is your potential and how do you get there?


Matthew Smith, costing and profitability expert and CEO of 3C Software

John Walker, Director, BMA Group

Robert Poole, National Lead Partner, Agribusiness, KPMG Australia

Peter Daniliuc, Managing Director, Profit Channels Management

Chair: Kevin Simon, Director, BMA Group

To register visit BMA Group

Packaging News

Yesterday Victoria recorded the country’s worst day in the Covid-19 pandemic, reporting 15 deaths and 725 new cases. Victoria also went into a period of extraordinarily strict lockdown as the state government scrambles to get the outbreak under control, forcing many businesses to shut their doors.

Pact Group, Cleanaway, and Asahi have entered a joint venture to build a $45m recycling plant in Albury/Wodonga. The facility will substantially increase rPET production in Australia.

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