Lion has launched a new beer made specifically for premium dining.

James Boag Epicurean is a limited edition premium range with two varieties: James Boag Epicurean Red and James Boag Epicurean White.

The bespoke beverages were inspired by Tasmania’s epicurean culture and co-created by Aria chef Matt Moran, sommelier Matt Dunne and head innovation brewer Simon Hanley.

With only a single batch of each variety brewed, the two drops were made taking into account food’s complexity and flavour profiles.

The Red variety is full flavoured and amber in colour, and the specialty malts selected give a rounded, fuller mouth feel. In contrast, the floral and fruity aroma and notes of the White are suited to lighter dishes.

James Boag Epicurean is being sold for three months in hatted restaurants within Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Tasmania.