Malt Shovel Brewery has launched a fresh brew with the flavour of fairy floss.

Named Karni Kolsch, the limited edition beer carries a pinkish tinge and a subtle vanilla aroma.

Former head brewer Chris Sheehan said the idea came to him on steamy summer’s day.

“With a Kolsch in one hand, and a Fairy Floss Icy Pole in the other, I had the idea to blend the two flavours,” he said.

The Karni Kolsch’s hop bill of Tettnang, Hallertau, and Saaz hops blends with the pale and malted wheat base and subtle vanilla aroma to draw out the fairy floss flavour.

“The brewery at Camperdown has always been a place where we give our brewers the chance to experiment with bold new flavours,” Sheehan said.

"Nothing is off limits, and the new flavours our talented team of brewers create like Karni Kolsch are a testament to the creative heights beer can be taken.”