Asahi Premium Beverages has launched a new craft beer variety under its Cricketers Arms brand.

Called Session Ale, the 3.5% ABV beverage suits both mid-strength and craft beer consumers.

It's the latest addition to Cricketers Arms brews, which have so far included Keeper’s Lager, Spearhead Pale Ale, and Scorcher Summer Ale.

Session Ale is available in 6x4 375ml cans.

Asahi's brand manager Sarah Wilson says there was a gap in the market for a full-flavoured mid-strength beer.

“Mainstream mid-strength beer and craft beer have both outperformed the market, growing at +21.5% and +9.3% respectively, and there's no sign of this slowing down,” she says.

“The craft beer can market has also more than doubled in size, with +110.7 per cent value growth.”

Session Ale is hoppy but not especially bitter, according to the company, and is balanced with full malt character from three malts and three hops, including Amarillo hops.