Arnott's newest Tim Tam range has been developed not only for flavour but to implement a popular Australian snacking ritual.

Tim Tam Slams are a version of the famous chocolate Tim Tam biscuits specially designed with a gooey core to help recreate what Arnott's call the 'Bite, Sip, Slam' experience.

The legendary snacking ritual involves biting the diagonal corners off a Tim Tam, dipping the bottom corner in a warm beverage and sipping the hot liquid and the melted filling of the biscuit through the gap in the top corner before 'slamming' it into the mouth.

“We are excited to deliver what Australians have been asking for… a Tim Tam designed specially to Slam,” Arnott’s marketing manager Tim Tam Matt Grant said.

“We have been overwhelmed with consumers who enjoy doing, sharing and teaching the Tim Tam Slam and have been calling for a Tim Tam which enhances this ultimate indulgent biscuit ritual," Grant said. "We can’t wait to see even more Aussies doing the Tim Tam Slam.”

Tim Tam Slams come in three flavours including Choc Malt & Sticky Caramel, Choc Hazelnut & Gooey Caramel, and Dark Choc & Sticky Raspberry, available at major supermarkets nationally.