Australian rice brand, SunRice, has launched a new microwave cup range that mixes a premium blend of rice and ancient grains.

SunRice has been focusing its NPD efforts on the trend of ancient grains, and the new SunRice SuperGrains microwave cups feature a range of grains from buckwheat to redberry rice.

Ready in just 40 seconds, the cups are marketed as solutions for tasty and wholesome meal in dishes from stir-frys to poké bowls.

Simple and quick to prepare, they provide an easy way to include wholegrains, protein and fibre into a diet.

“Ingredients rich in wholegrains, such as SunRice SuperGrains are fantastic for energy production and to satisfy hunger, keeping us feeling full for longer,” SunRice health ambassador and dietitian Lyndi Cohen says.

The four new varieties in 250g cups for an RRP of $3.79 include Multigrain Blend, Active Blend, available at Coles, Woolworths and independent stores nationwide.