US plant-based milk and dairy-free cold brew coffee brand Califia Farms continues its push into the Australian market with the launch of three new dairy-free summer beverages: Go Coconuts; Chocolate Coconut Almond Blend; and Mocha Cold Brew Coffee, into Woolworths across Victoria.

According to the company, combined data from major supermarkets in Australia saw the plant-based beverage category grow by over 35 per cent vs the yearly average.

The company launched into Australia last year and says it began to make a conscious effort in 2014 to reduce the sugar content across its portfolio by 57 per cent by lowering sugar in existing products and offering more unsweetened products.

The 750ml bottles of Go Coconuts, Chocolate Coconut Almond Blend and Mocha Cold Brew Coffee have an RRP of $4.00, and join a range of Califa Farms almond milks and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) cold brew coffees.