A new range of baby food from Woolworths is the first full range of baby food pouches in Australia boasting the 'No Added Sugar' label.

Developed in league with nutritionists and responding to a need for nutritious food for time-poor parents, Woolworths Smiling Tums range features nine different flavours to cater to babies from six months and each pouch is only RRP $1.

The pouches include a diverse selections of fruit and vegetable, meals and custards – all with no added sugar or salt, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives,even in the fruit custard variety.

“We are also committed to making the Woolworths food range healthier for customers, and to do this, our team, together with nutritionists, have worked hard to remove added sugar from our full range of baby food without compromising on taste,” Woolworths senior nutritionist Natalie Chong says.

The range is naturally sweetened with fruit or vegies and comes in a range of flavour combinations from Sweet Potato, Carrot and Parsnip Puree to Apple and Strawberry Fruit Custard.