Beverage entrepreneur Steve Cooper has joined forces with bar owner Mikey Enright and artist Alan Walsh to create a new range of natural-ingredient mixers.

The boutique mixer market is growing in line with the rise of craft spirits, and the venture The Artisan Drinks Co has launched four mixers, each sporting vibrant artwork designed in Alan Walsh's renowned 'Art Deco meets pop art' style.

The company developed three tonics, Classic London Tonic, Skinny London Tonic and Violet Blossom Tonic, to enhance the flavours of craft gins and vodkas.

Mikey Enright's central Sydney Barber Shop venue, winner of Australia’s Gin Bar of the Year, is serving up cocktails and G&Ts with the new premium mixers.

“I know how important mixers are to the quality of a great cocktail or gin & tonic and I wanted to create a range which really complements the character of premium spirits," Enright said. "Balance is everything in cocktails and each Artisan recipe has been designed to work with the flavours of some of my favourite craft gins.”

The company is now working on some new recipes with plans to unveil a Barrel Smoked Cola to complement the rising Australian demand for craft bourbon, whisky and rum.

The Artisan tonic range is available now from premium spirits distributor Noble Spirits.