Patties Foods' new Nanna’s Indulgent Collection Mini Bites were developed after research showed that more Australians are entertaining at home and want to incorporate luxury and indulgence into the dishes served.

The Indulgent Collection Mini Crèmes are found in the freezer section of Woolworths and independent retails and are sized in portions to make it feel like 'guilt-free eating'.

The bite-sized pastries are topped with crème and Belgian chocolate and come in caramel, strawberry and chocolate flavours and each box contains 16 pieces.

"Consumer research has shown us that more people are entertaining at home and dessert is often a pressure point, so they’re looking for ‘dinner party approved’ solutions. Retailers are calling for something new in a category that hasn’t seen true innovation in some time. Nanna’s Indulgent Collection Mini Crèmes are our response to these appeals,” Patties Foods general manager of marketing and innovation Anand Surujpal says.

Nanna’s Indulgent Collection Mini Crèmes has been rolled out in freezers nationally.

The product sells for RRP $7 per pack in Woolworths and RRP $6.50 per pack in independent retailers.

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