A trip to Korea to meet his girlfriend's family inspired Tim O'Sullivan and his friend Liam Gostencnik to set up Bae Juice and start importing Korean pear juice.

Apparently, drinking Korean pear juice before a big night out is as common in Korea as a beer at a BBQ in Australia.

The anecdotal experience of Koreans is supported by CSIRO research which found the pears act on key enzymes in alcohol metabolism and can have a "significant" effect on hangover symptoms

Bae Juice can be bought online through the Bae Juice website or via the Dan Murphy’s online platform. It is also available in over 30 independent retailers such as IGA, Thirsty Camels and cafés around Melbourne.

Packaging News

Woolworths has launched a recyclable paper meat tray across a selection of its Own Brand beef nationally in the first step in a plan to make all Woolworths’ Own Brand red meat trays recyclable.

The organisations behind the Australasian Recycling Label this week celebrated the label’s second anniversary and they are on the search for the 500th member.

Online packaging platform Packform has partnered with Footprint, a US-based material science engineering company that develops and manufactures plant-based materials for packaging.