A collaboration that turns the flavours of Chupa Chups into Slurpees is being rolled out to all 7-Eleven stores nationally for a limited time with millenials as the target market.

The nostalgic flavours start at the sweet end of the flavour spectrum with Chupa Chups Strawberry & Cream and Watermelon flavours during March followed by the flavours of Sour Infernals Strawberry and Sour Infernals Apple in April.

“We’re so excited about seeing our brand come to life inside a Slurpee cup,” Perfetti van Melle (brand owners of Chupa Chups) country manager Samantha Hansen said.

“Our brands have a lot in common, but most of all we aim to provide a few precious moments of joy and silly, and our collaboration is a way to keep the ‘Forever fun’ of childhood alive, for all of us,” Hansen said.

“We’re thrilled to bring together these two iconic brands, famous for their flavours, to offer a new product line exclusively for 7-Eleven customers,” 7-Eleven general manager of marketing Julie Laycock said. “Together the result is a sum of parts that you absolutely must taste to believe.”

The four ‘Slurpeefied' Chupa Chups flavours are a limited edition collection available through April.