All Hands Brewing House is releasing a new seasonal beer using Australian-grown strawberries.

‘Friend in Hand’, a Strawberry Berliner Weisse, is a limited-edition, small-batch summer beer brewed in-house within its onsite microbrewery and transferred to a 1200L serving tank.

A light and refreshing beer with a lively carbonation, the exclusive Berliner Weisse was conceived to contribute and help support Australian strawberry farmers as a show of solidarity to the tough times they’ve faced in the wake of the recent needle scandal.

The brewery purchased a whopping 400kg of strawberries from grower Leonard Smith in the Glasshouse region of Queensland in September.

Combining two award-winning varieties, Splenda and Red Rhapsody, the ripe, fresh strawberries were added to ferment and mature with the beer for a solid month for complete flavour transfer.

As an effervescent, bright beer with the added sweet and tartness of strawberries, the Berliner Weisse was formulated to be the perfect summer accompaniment for the fresh ocean seafood at the All Hands Brewing House kitchen, on Sydney's King Street Wharf.

The summery ruby-red Friend in Hand Berliner Weisse beer (3.5% ABV, 5 IBU) is priced at $5 (250ml) and $9.50 (450ml).