Compressed Air Australia is introducing the latest mini cooler from Exair, which can provide a stream of -7°C cold air and is designed to cool blades, small tools and lens grinding.

The Mini Cooler with Dual Point Hose Kit is effective on small machining operations and aims to eliminate burning, melting and heat related breakage, as well as preventing heat buildup, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The mini cooler allows for a single point or dual point option, where the latter enables the cold air outlet to be directed at two different spots when cooling larger diameter tools, two separate points or opposite sides of a material.

A vortex tube converts an ordinary supply of compressed air into the -7°C cold air and is accompanied by an adjustable magnetic base to ensure easy positioning.

The Exair Mini Cooler with Dual Point Hose Kit is CE compliant and operates at 76dBA, and is exclusively distributed by Compressed Air Australia.

Packaging News

Health and the environment are converging as top concerns for consumers, with almost 60 per cent of consumers believing their health and well-being are strongly affected by environmental problems, according to a new study from Tetra Pak.

The Australian Institute of Packaging has had another successful year of its annual Foodbank Hamper Packing Day, packing 10,000 hampers for those in need and raising a million dollars in donations and funds.

Marian O'Leary of Melbourne-based packaging company RollsPack has been named Young Achiever 2019 at the Mebourne Business Awards – South East Region.