German cleaning systems producer Mycon has developed the FluidMaster, an automated cleaning device designed for all heat transfer systems and exchangers.

The FluidMaster system has several sensors showing the measurement of pressure and flow over time, as well as temperature and pH of the cleaning medium.

This means the FluidMaster can remain in operation without monitoring, as the course of the cleaning is visible and documented.

All connections within the system are constantly monitored for leak tightness and can switch off automatically in the event of a leak.

The FluidMaster is equipped with a PLC and works with relatively high flow rates, and in combination with the mycon SpeedMaster system, can increase the flow rate of the cleaning medium.

Packaging News

National Recycling Week has seen industry join with Planet Ark to promote recycling, including TerraCycle, which launched more than 100 new zero-waste solutions in Australia.

Federal and state environment ministers have developed a new National Waste Policy Action Plan, and aim to ban exports of waste by 2022, in moves applauded by APCO.

Oji Fibre Solutions will invest around $100m towards a new automated cardboard box plant development in Christchurch, which will replace its existing operation.