Pillar Technologies, which specialises in induction sealing technology for the packaging industry, and has just opened offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Induction sealing enables businesses to make tamper proof products via an inner seal that is found under the lid and adhered to a product using an electromagnetic current.

Used in a number of industries including dairy, beverage, cosmetic, industrial and pharmaceutical, induction seals also help prevent spillage during production and transport and have been known to improve the shelf life of products.

Pillar Induction Sealers can be added to production lines, with products ranging from portable handheld sealers to larger units with conveyors.

Pillar coils, including the Pillar Infinity Coil, make the sealers easy to use with openings of all sizes.

The range of sealers and parts available in Australia include the iFoiler induction sealer, the Pillar Infinity channel coil and a handheld cap sealer.

Pillar says new technology is being added to the range with the development of a new line underway for launch before the end of the financial year.