Heat and Control’s Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR) is the latest innovation for snack food operators, offering an advanced end-to-end solution for dry roasting nut and seed products.

The RDR advances Heat and Control’s snack line capability, with food manufacturers able to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits a single-source supplier can offer with a complete solution for seasoned and coated nut snacks, including frying, dryer/roasting, seasoning, coating, conveying, weighing, packaging, case packing, inspection, and controls.

The multizone convection dryer/roaster system in the RDR uses the latest technological advances in dry roasting so high volumes of snack foods such as nuts, seeds, and protein/meat-based snacks can be processed continually.

“This latest addition to Heat and Control’s catalogue reinforces our strength in thermal food processing technology and provides snack manufacturers with even more options, as well as confidence, that they can consistently produce high-quality product,” Heat and Control Inc president Tony Caridis said.

Heat and Control’s RDR gives operators complete control to dry or to roast in a continuous, gentle, and sanitary manner with optimal quality and uniform results.

Along with nut products, the RDR is designed for applications such as drying pet products to create food and treats and the drying of meats and poultry to create jerky and meat chips