Biscuit company Arnott’s has introduced automatic guided vehicles (AGV) to its head manufacturing plant in Brisbane. The six Dematic AGVs were rolled out as part of a project to increase manufacturing productivity and reliability.

Arnott’s group plant manager Queensland & South Australia Tim Morgan said Arnott’s had chosen Dematic for its advanced technology.

Morgan said: “The implementation of AGVs in our manufacturing has helped us to achieve automated movement of product loads to improve reliability, increase flexibility and provide better sanitation for handling goods. This means we can focus on delivering our products to Australians in the best way we can.”

According to Dematic, the self-charging AGVs are designed to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety in manufacturing and distribution centres (DCs), achieving this with high precision laser guidance and multiple collision avoidance sensors.

The AGVs work systematically to carry large pallets of product from end-of-palletising stations to drive-in storage racking areas. From there the AGVs take the pallets to handover stations where forklifts transport them to manufacturing lines.  

The overall process of using the AGVs increases reliability, with the AGVs capable of working non-stop 24/7 every day of the year. This is in addition to improving efficiency and accuracy of operations, thereby minimising mistakes and workplace accidents which provides significant improvements in occupational health and safety standards.

Dematic AGV general manager Tony Raggio said the company was pleased to be working with a well-known and respected brand like Arnott’s.

“Our AGV automated technology is a very exciting product for us here at Dematic, and it’s fantastic to see it making such successful improvements to Arnott’s warehouse processes,” Raggio said.

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