SPX Flow has created a series of maintenance video tutorials to help users maintain their equipment. The latest of these covers the new hygienic Waukesha Cherry-Burrell (WCB) Universal Twin Screw (UTS) Pump range.

The WCB UTS pump is designed for enhanced reliability and productivity, and offers gentle product handling and hygienic performance in food and beverage.

Using a non-galling 'Waukesha 88' alloy, the pump is designed with tight clearances without the risk of seizing. The resulting operation provides excellent performance and reliability, with low slip pulse even in applications with low inlet pressures.

Other benefits of this pump include the flexible application with a wide range of operating speeds, low noise, reduced pressure fluctuations and bi-directional flow capability, which may reduce the total number of pumps required for a process.

The new WCB UTS maintenance video provides a guide to help technicians carry out efficient disassembly, maintenance and re-assembly of the unit with confidence. It includes inspection and replacement of gaskets and seals either with or without removing the pump body.

The video covers standard maintenance steps as well as the process for timing of the screws on re-assembly for continued smooth operation. It highlights the variances between different models in the range along with specific safety guidance and the tools required to complete the maintenance process. 

The video will help ensure maintenance of the UTS pump is carried out both correctly and efficiently. 

The service videos are available online and are part of SPX FLOW’s commitment to helping customers get the most from their investment.