A new, selectable voltage power supply from Exair allows users to choose input voltages of 115VAC or 230AC, and features two stainless steel output connectors to energise static eliminators.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, the Gen4 Two Outlet Selectable Voltage Power Supply includes an electromagnetically shielded modular power supply cable to ease routing and connections.

It is UL component recognised, CE and RoHS compliant, and features an integrated fuse to protect against voltage spikes.

The Gen4 Two Outlet Power Supply is housed in a durable metal enclosure, designed for rugged, industrial environments, while the Gen4 Static Eliminator products for the power supply have a bayonet-style connector, which can be inserted where the electrical connection is made deep inside to prevent shock hazards.

Compressed Air Australia distributes both the new power supply and static eliminators from Exair for the region.

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Amcor Flexibles shut down its factory in Port Melbourne this week after a worker tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The facility reopened on Wednesday.

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Plastic packaging is among the flotsam washing up on East Coast beaches after cargo vessel APL England on Sunday lost 40 shipping containers overboard in heavy weather.