Kaeser Compressors has launched a new series of refrigeration dryers to its range, designed to stabilise pressure dew point performance while ensuring energy efficiency.

The Secotec TG series aims to achieve maximum reliability and minimal life-cycle costs, all within its compact footprint.

It features a Secopack LS heat exchanger system, with a latent heat thermal mass composed of a phase change material. As a result, the system has one of the highest thermal densities on the market, and can deliver the same performance using 98 per cent less thermal mass material.

The air-cooled dryers also feature a new ventilation system, using a radial fan and no longer requiring an auxiliary fan. The independent exhaust air control further allows the refrigeration dryer to be connected directly to the collecting ducts.

The Secotec TG series comes equipped with the user-friendly Sigma Control Smart electronic controller to provide intuitive operation and access to comprehensive information in a glance, and also has the capability to be connected to the Sigma Air Manager (SAM 4.0) master controller.

Kaeser can provide the new dryers with flow rates from 45 up to 98 m³/min and are available with a choice of air- or water-cooling.

Packaging News

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