For years it could only be found at Australia’s Asian restaurants, but China’s best-known beer brand is ramping up.

Tsingtao has been sold in Australia for more than 20 years, initially only in Chinese restaurants. However, that’s been changing following the appointment of its sole distributor, Ettason.

Ettason’s focus on channel expansion is paying off, according to Tsingtao’s Australian brand manager Ronald Pang.

These days, the brand can be found in all of the major bottle-shop chains, many of the independents, and also at Costco. Tsingtao also has plans to continue its aggressive branding and marketing activities.

“Whether on the beach or at the barbie, we want Tsingtao to be the beer of choice,” Pang says. “We want people to realise that Tsingtao is not only a beer, but is also an experience or journey.”

To this end, the company recently launched a consumer competition focusing on the history of the brand.

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