Cider has become one of Australia’s fastest growing beverage exports despite a dip in alcohol consumption, according to fresh research released by IBISWorld.

Its data shows Australia’s cider industry has recorded growth of 11.4 per cent across the sector, turning over $309.7 million in revenue in the last 12 months.

Growth has come largely from small craft ciders and small businesses capitalising on Australia’s changing drinking culture.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says that despite a 14 per cent drop in total alcohol consumed over the past five years, total cider consumption in Australia has more than doubled.

According to IBISWorld, cider is number four in its list of the nation’s top 20 exporting industries by growth in merchandise exports.

Cider grew 25.8 per cent in the five years, and in 2015-16 it grew 6.6 per cent and accounted for $16.5 million in export value.

Martin Thatcher, the managing director of Thatchers Cider, which is kegged and distributed by Coopers in Australia, told Food & Drink Business the main difference between the UK and Australian market in terms of cider was that it’s quite mature, whereas in Australia it’s young, new and exciting.

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