New In Store

Cadbury is replacing Freddo with images of real-life endangered frogs on its chocolate packs to educate Australians about frog species in the country nearing extinction through an augmented reality feature.

The KitKat Chocolatory has used cacao pulp to create its latest chocolate bar, the Sublime Incoa. The cacao pulp adds natural sweetness, as well as a floral and tangy taste to the bar.

Western Australia’s The Tailor Made Spirits Company is launching Avosh Vodka, a new spirit distilled from Australian wheat.

Up & Go No Added Sugar is the newest development from the Sanitarium Health Food Company, replacing the Up & Go Reduced Sugar range, and created with up to 30 per cent less calories.

Magnum ice cream has released its latest Luxe range of sticks and tubs in stores around the country, made with layers of flavour across five varieties.

Manly Spirits Co Distillery has launched its first ready-to-drink craft gin and tonics, designed with low alcohol content and low calories.

Carman’s has launched a new range of oat bars in Woolworths stores around the country, with a 4.5 health star rating, less than 4g of sugar and no nuts.

Australian ice cream company Harry & Larry’s has collaborated with Bundaberg Rum to release two new rum-infused ice creams this summer.

Speciality Queen Garnet plums will arrive in stores around the country from this Australia Day long weekend, and will be the biggest crop since commercial production began in 2014, harvested from growers in five states.

Peters and Cadbury have teamed once again, this time bringing Cadbury Crème Egg into ice cream form. The limited edition range is available from this week until stock runs out.

Coles will launch lamington hot cross buns in stores in the lead up to Easter, following a survey which revealed 54 per cent of consumers would enjoy a lamington-flavoured bun.

Arnott’s is adding Butternut Snap to its range of biscuit-based chocolate blocks. The new milk chocolate block is packed with golden oat and coconut biscuit pieces.

Health and wellness company Coco Earth has brought its Nootropic Oil to the Australian market, aiming to boost brain function and burn fat.

Menz FruChocs are the number one selling choc bite in South Australia, with the original apricot and peach variety regarded as a state icon. The latest flavour to join the FruChoc family is mango.

Patties Finger Foods has released its new range of vegetarian bites and croquettes in stores around the country, offering a savoury, meat-free option for every party occasion.