Live In-depth

We bring you some photo highlights from the LIVE event and some feedback from people who participated and attended.

Paul Randall is passionate about digital printing and its ability to connect brands with consumers in meaningful ways.

Active and intelligent packaging is a growing segment and one food companies are starting to pay attention to.

Millennials have somehow become the most scrutinised yet desired demographic for marketers and brands.

Kellogg Australia marketing director Tamara Howe sheds light on how the company gave new identities to its three biggest brands.

The importance of social media influencers and citizen content for brands has been demonstrated live at L!VE by Jules Lund of TRIBE.

Closing the gap between today’s legacy plant equipment and the highly automated food facility of the future need not be painful leap into the dark for smaller manufacturers.

Four emerging technologies will form part of the next big wave of change for food and drink facility operators, predicts Wiley’s Brett Wiskar.

From song writing to heading up a multimillion dollar meal delivery company, Tamara Trentain discusses the intricacies of developing a successful food business, having had no previous experience in the industry.

Troy Douglas has revealed the next steps for sugar-free beverage company Nexba at LIVE Future Unpacked.

Shine Drink CEO Stephen Chapman stepped attendees through the story behind Australia's first 'smart drink' and its subsequent success in social channels at Future Unpacked.

With less than a week to go to LIVE 2017, and tickets sales closing soon, here's a snapshot of who's coming and what's in it for you.

Birch & Waite is preparing to open a new $13m food processing and packaging facility later this month which has been scoped to capitalise on Australia's future food trends.

With just over two weeks to go to our LIVE industry event on 22 August in Sydney, the full program is now available and ready for download.

Augmented reality's business applications are evolving and coming to a hand-held device, smart glasses, goggles or a headset near you, according to Wiley's Brett Wiskar who will be at LIVE.