Fluid Components International (FCI) has released a series of air/gas flow metres that will reduce the life cycle costs of flow measurement, based on its easy installation and maintenance.

Supplied by through its Australian distributor AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, the FCI ST Series requires a single tap point into the process line to provide ease of installation.

Unlike inline or spool piece metres, the ST Series has an insertion-style design, which allows it to be installed rapidly or retracted quickly and does not require the production line to be interrupted or shut down for its maintenance.

The ST50, ST80 and ST100 maintenance is based on a ball valve/packing gland, where the ball valve closes when the part is retracted from the line.

In the series, the ST50 is a low cost solution designed for pipe diameters from 63-610mm with no moving parts, while the ST80 and ST100 include more feature-rich electronics with sensors for industrial process and plant applications, as well as a transmitter for outputs.

FCI’s ST Series all feature optional, retractable packing gland kits in low of medium pressure configuration, for lines pressurised up to 3.5 bar (g) and 34 bar (g), respectively.

Packaging News

In a surprise announcement this week, Australia-based social enterprise Thankyou announced it is stopping production of Thankyou Water because it can no longer justify selling bottled water in single-use plastic.

Tasmanian Oyster Co has developed a new CO2-based laser etching process to etch a brand mark on shell, helping to identify and trace shellfish products across global markets.

CMTP recently announced it can now supply HACCP International Certified Hygiene pallets. The company said it can now produce a special range of its Pal-giene certified food-safe pallets.