The challenge for food manufacturers is finding the balance between meeting hygiene standards and water efficiency, while also taking into account your cleaning team, writes Tecpro technical consultant Patrick Cooper.

The issue of water use has never been more top of mind. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Water Account 2016-17 says around 76,000 gigalitres of water was taken from the environment to support the Australian economy in that period.

Total consumptive use of water in 2016-17 was 16,558 gigalitres. Of that, 10,504 gigalitres was consumed by agriculture, forestry and fishing industries; 1483 gigalitres by water supply, sewerage and drainage services; a further 2662 gigalitres by all other industries.

Nationally, manufacturing consumed 558 gigalitres. For manufacturers, one of the easiest ways to immediately reduce water is cleaning processes and the equipment you are using. Wash down products are now designed for myriad environments, including those that can undergo high temperature sterilisation.

For water efficiency, Tecpro has released a heavy-duty low flow nozzle with a high impact water jet. The lower flow rate means it is suitable for 3/8 inch wash down hoses. It has an adjustable spray pattern that can handle a maximum water pressure of 16 Bar (232 psi) and high temperature components, it is capable of being used at temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celcius.

Its lighter and smaller size also reduces its weight, making it less strenuous for cleaning teams to move around during wash downs. Other features that help with safety and use are a twist head mechanism rather than a trigger. As well as a red or blue covers for hot and cold uses, a white nozzle is available for the dairy industry.

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